April 15, 2015

10:00 – 14:00  Sightseeing tour of Saint-Petersburg. Guided tour of the State Hermitage

14:00 – 21:00  Registration. Hotel «Saint-Petersburg», 2nd floor

17:30 – 20:00  Congress opening ceremony (Hotel «Saint-Petersburg», Concert Hall)

Presentation of commemorative medals and diplomas «For the preservation of dance culture» on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Olga Spessivtseva

April 16, 2015

09:30 — 19:00  (Lectures, reports, workshops)

Venue – Hotel «Saint-Petersburg», Conference-hall «Saint-Petersburg»


09:30  Keynote speech of President of CID UNESCO Prof. Alkis Raftis

09:45 – 12:20  Section «Scientific-theoretical researches in the field of dance culture» (Reports, lectures)

09:45  Ms. Svetlana Rusinova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) – chairlady of the section

Ph.D. in pedagogical sciences, Head of general pedagogy department of Vaganova Ballet Academy

«Diagnostics as a condition of development of creative potential»

10:00  Mr. Dr. Igor Vasiliev (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Ph.D. in political sciences, associate professor, Vaganova Ballet Academy
«Methodological principles of the ballet»

10:15  Mr. Dr. Andrey Ipatov (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Ph.D. in psychological sciences, associate professor, St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work

«The psychological study of personality of a dancer. Optimization of self-realization»

10:30  Ms. Colleen West (USA)

Brigham Young University, Associate Professor of Dance
«The Technical Complexity and Unwritten Rules of World Dance Choreography

10:50  Mr. Dr. Pavel Maslennikov (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)                                     Vaganova Ballet Academy

«Some morphofunctional aspects of physical development of future ballet dancers»

11:00  Mr. Ilya Plisov (Russia)

«Speech in teaching. Verbal transmission of motor experience»

11:10  Ms. Jeanette Geslison (USA)

Brigham Young University, Master of Arts Dance, Master of Fine Arts Dance Candidate

«Appropriation of Cultural Identity in works by Dunham, Ailey and Harrell»

11:30  Mr. Andrey Bossov (Russia)

Senior lecturer, Ballet directing department of St. Petersburg Conservatory, associate professor of the Institute of music, theater and choreography of the Herzen State University

«Moral aspects of teaching methods in professional ballet training»

11:40  Ms. Prof. Lidia Akinina (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod)

Winner of the All-Russian competition of contemporary art, Nizhny Novgorod award winner, member of the Theatre Union of Russian Federation, member of the Russian Authors’ Society, Nizhny Novgorod State Glinka Conservatory 

«The Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory – the plastic problems»

11:50  Mr. Kirill Filimonov (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Lecturer at Vaganova Ballet Academy

«Non-standard teaching methods in education in a ballet school»

12:00  Ms. Chang Bao (China)

«Didactics of the ballet: the evolution of pedagogical principles in choreography»

12:10  Ms. Marya Gendova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) 

Graduate student, Vaganova Ballet Academy

«The performing style of a ballet dancer – external quintessence of spirituality»


12:20 – 15:00  Section «Heritage of World Ballet» (Reports, lectures)

12:20  Ms. Dr. Olga Rozanova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) – chairlady of the section

Ph.D. in Art History, associate professor, Vaganova Ballet Academy

12:40  Ms. Prof. Dr. Nadezda Mosusova (Serbia)

Musicologist, Ph.D., scientific director of Musicological Institute SANU, professor at the Faculty of Music

«120th birth anniversary of Olga Spessivtseva»

13:00  Mr. Valery Voskresensky (Belarus)

Grandson of Vassily Grigorievich Voskresensky, known worldwide as Colonel W. De Basil

«History of Colonel de Basil’s Ballets Russes in foreign archives»

13:20  Ms. Prof. Dr. Natalia Sokovikova (Russia, Novosibirsk)

Academician of Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and arts, honourable professor, Ph.D. in psychological sciences, winner of the international choreographers and ballet masters competition, member of CID UNESCO, ballet master

«The composition of Russian classical solo dance using the Russian dances Barynya and The Moon is Shining as a case study. Master Class. Workshops for adults» 

13:40  Mr. Ingo Guenther (Germany)                                                                                  

Dance Teacher, High School Teacher, Director of Institute of Historical Dance Berlin Ingo Guenther

Lecture Demonstration
BarockTanzEnsemble <contretem(p)s berlin>

Artistic Director: Kath. Ingo Guenther, M.Ed., M.Mus., BA, B.Mus. (Author)
Das Hochzeit-Divertissement (The Wedding Divertissement)
composed by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)

14:00  Ms. Anne-Marie Violetta Pos-Terlouw (Netherlands)
«Teaching ballet in the 21st century in a small town in the Netherlands»

14:10  Ms. Roberta Di Laura (ITALY)

Videopresentation «The World of Ballet» 

14:20  Mr. HP. Holmström (FINLAND)

Ms. Birgitta Ojala (FINLAND)

14:40 Mr. Valery Voskresensky (Belarus)

Video footages from foreign archives

15:00 – 16:00  Dinner


16:00 -18:10  Section Folk dances and preservation of ethnic cultures» / Hall №1

16:00  Ms. Dr. Dilya Davletshina (Russia) – chairlady of the section

Dean of the Kazan State University of Culture and Arts department of choreography, Ph.D. in Sociological Sciences, associate professor, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Tatarstan

16:20  Ms. Norma Elena Arredondo (Mexico)
Escenica Ballet Espanol, general director; choreographer, teacher and flamenco dancer 
«Methodological research topic for instruction in dance and interdisciplinary artistic strategies»

16:40  Mr. Evgeny Malegin, Ms. Daria Malegina (Russia)

Lecture-demonstration «Features of the Russian folk dance»

17:10  Ms. Simran Godhwani (India)

Kathak Dancer and the Artistic Director of Krshálá Dance Theatre in Bangalore
«Rhythms in Kathak (Ongoing)»

17:30  Mr. Manvel Alevoryan (Armenia)

Vanadzor State Art School, teacher
«Lernapar dance ensemble of elderly people» 

17.50  Ms. Rashmi Terphale (India)

Kala Chhaya Cultural Centre. Principal, Dance Unit (Indian Classical Dance Kathak)


Kathak Maestro Pt. Birju Maharajji (Living legend of Indian Classical Dance, Kathak)

18:10  Ms. Olga Glukhovskaya (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

«Technique and the manner of execution of movements in the Russian dance»

18:30  Mr. Dr. Vikrant Kishore (AUSTRALIA)
Film Screening: Dancing for Themselves!


16:00 -18:00  Section «Historical and household, partner dances, social dances of 17-21 century / Hall №2

16:00  Ms. Valentina Marchuk (Russia)

«Argentine tango. Historical Aspects»

16:10  Ms. Galina Stepanova (Russia)

«Methods of teaching Argentine Tango for adults»

16:20  Mr. Maxim Stepanov (Russia) – chairman of section

«Argentine tango. Changing the behavioral and psychological features of the person during training»

16:30  Mr. Maxim Stepanov, Ms. Galina Stepanova, Mr. Vyacheslav Stepanov (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)


«Principles of the interaction between partners in the Argentine tango»

17:00  Ms. Galina Kondratenko (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)


Social partner dances. «The Lacemaker»

17:30  Ms. Natalia Korotkova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)


Social partner dances. “Quadrille”

18:00  Ms . Tatiana Satcenya (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Dance club CHICAGO (teacher of swing dances)


«Swing dancing Lindy Hop and Balboa»


April 17, 2015

10:00 — 19:00  Lectures, reports, presentations, workshops

Venue – Hotel «Saint-Petersburg», conference hall «Saint-Petersburg»

Section: Modern. Contemporary. Jazz


10:00  Ms. Dr. Ludmila Kasimanova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the choreographic art department in The Institute of Music, Theater and Choreography of Herzen State University

10:20  Alessandra Silvia De Simone (Italy)

«The Dance of Wires» 

by Alessandra Silvia De Simone – Union of Arts – Project in collaboration with Emmanuelle Ricco

11:00  Mr. Dr. Vikrant Kishore (Australia)

Ph.D. in Communication, Lecturer in Communication & Media Production

Coordinator-Music Video CMNS2040 & Foundations of Media Production CMNS1230
Hony. Director-National Institute for Chhau & Folk Dances – India (Performing Arts & Research)
«Dance of the Hindu Gods to the Western electronic beats! — The Bollywoodisation of Purulia style of Chhau Dance»

11:20  Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France)

Dancer-choreographer, Dance Therapist, Creator of the Danse of Being

Danser et célébrer la Beauté. Dedication to of Isadora Duncan

11:40  Ms. Céline Merandi (France)
Video presentation


16:00 — 19:00  Workshops for Herzen State University students

Venue: Institute of Music, Theater and Choreography                                 

Vassilievsky Ostrov, per. Kakhovskogo, 2


11:40 – 15:10  Section: «Dance and music therapy. Education through art», «Sport choreography»

11:40  Ms. Dr. Liubov Eydelman (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) – chairlady of sections «Sport choreography» and «Dance therapy»
«Historical perspective on the integration of choreographic material into physical education of children»

12:00  Prof. Dr. Alexander Klujev (Russia) – chairman of the «Musical Therapy» section  Institute of Music, Theater and Choreography of Herzen State University     «MUSIC THERAPY AS AN ARTS THERAPY»

12:20  Ms. Natalia Tarnovskaya (Russia, Yoshkar-Ola)

Mari State University, associate professor, Department of Developmental Psychology and Education, Ph.D. in psychological sciences

«The elements of dance movement therapy in psychological rehabilitation of oncological patients»

12:40  Ms. Dr. Elizabeth Torres (Mexico)                                                                           Instituto de Investigacion Antropologica Inetrdisciplinaria, A.C. Huei Tlahtolli Manzanillo, Mexico

«Dance therapy and precolumbian dances»

13:00  Ms. Vesna Banovcanin (Serbia)
Dance Trainer, National and international adjudicator for Street & Artistic Dances WADF, BSc of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Member of CID UNESCO

«The advantages of ADULT dancing»

13:20  Ms. Angeliki Mavropoulou (Greece)

«The influence of dance to improve the balance of elderly people»

13:40  Ms. Nayo Takasaki (JAPAN)

Free-lance choreographer, teaching dance & exercise (included TaiChi Ruler, etc)

«TaiChi Ruler»

14:00  Ms. Alisa Zhadorina (Russia)                                                                                   Workshop «The development of a rhythm sence for children with disabilities through dance movement therapy»

14:30  Ms. Vesna Banovcanin (Serbia)

Dance Trainer, National and international adjudicator for Street & Artistic Dances WADF, BSc of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Workshop «Dance-fitness for Adult beginners (over 30 years of age) – How to make it fun»

15:00 – 16:00  Dinner


16:00 – 17:30 Presentations

16:00  Mr. Kiril Kostadinov (Bulgaria)

«Presentation of the festival «Morning Star» in Bulgaria»

16:20  Ms. Olga Konova (Russia)

President of the Nizhny Novgorod Section of CID UNESCO                                         «Presentation of the development of the Nizhny Novgorod Section of CID UNESCO»

16:40  Ms. Svetlana Chirkunova (Russia)

«Creativity as a basis for solidarity among modern society. New International Youth Arts Festival «Bright Shores»

17:00  Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France)

Dancer-choreographer, Dance Therapist, Creator of the Danse of Being


17:30  Mr. Aleksander Todorov & Ms. Tatyаna Todorova (BULGARIA)





April 18, 2015


Venue: Dance studio «Impulse»
Zheleznovodskaya st., 68 Mall «MAXI Sopot», 4th floor


Hall №1

10:00  Ms. Irma Cardano (Italy)
Contemporary Dance

11:00  Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France)

Dancer-choreographer, Dance Therapist, Creator of the Danse of Being

«Isadora, the dance of the future»

12:00  Mr. Ingo Guenther (Germany)
Baroque Dance: La Bourée. A French Baroque Dance from the time of the well-known «Roy de Soleil»

13:00  Ms. Céline Merandi (France)
Contemporary Dance

14:00  Ms. Elizabeth Torres (Mexico)
«Workshop on sacred circle dances in mesoamerican mexica culture»


Hall №2

10:00  Mr. Kiril Kostadinov (Bulgaria)                                                                                 Bulgarian dances

11:00  Adrijana Barbaric Pevek  (Croatia)                                                       «Movement from exploration to expression»

12:00  Ms. Colleen West (USA), Ms. Jeanette Geslison (USA), Ms. Amy Jex (USA)
«Pedagogical Methods of Hungarian, Indian and Ukrainian Dance in Higher»

13:00  Ms. Simran Godhwani (India)
«Workshop based on Kathak Rhythms»

14:00  Ms. Nrupa Somani (India)
«Effect of Bharatanatyam as therapy, Nritya for Body and Soul»

16:00  Guided tour


April 19, 2015

10:00 – 16:00   Visiting museums of Saint-Petersburg

16:00  Meeting of President of CID UNESCO Mr. Alkis Raftis with heads, owners of dance schools, studios, groups

Venue: Azimut hotel

20:30  Performances

1)  Mr. Ingo Guenther (Germany)

2)  «Association of Professional Dance Artists UPPU «PULS», Zagreb

Katarina Djurdjevic, Adrijana Barbaric Pevek, Petra Valentic

Author and choreographer: Katarina Djurdjevic


3)  Ms. Simran Godhwani (India)

Kathak Dance – Rhythm and Abhinaya

4)  Ms. Norma Arredondo (Italy) April 15

«Hojas Caidas» (Fallen Leaves) 

5)  Studio of contemporary choreography «Moloko»  (Russia)

Director & choreographer – Liliya Zhelnina

«Be where you are»

6)  Zemfira and Leonid Pinchuk (Russia)

Dedication to the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

7)  Ms. Anastasia Korobova (Russia) April 15

«Goddess Nika»

8)  Ms. Rashmi (Terphale) Pandkar

Indian Classical Dance Kathak

9)  Ms. Nrupa Soman (India)

«Thillanas in Bharatanatyam»

10)  Ms. Ipsita Gauri (India)

11)  ByeByeBallet (Russia) 

12)  Ms. Irina Tolchilschikova (Russia)

Certificate awarding ceremony

Venue: Azimut hotel, Lermontovsky pr. 43/1, metro “Tekhnologichesky Institut” or “Baltiyskaya”