Greeting by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Penipotentiary, Permanent Delegate of the Russian Federation to UNESCO Mr. Alexander KUZNETSOV


Address by Alexander Kuznetsov

The Permanent Delegate of the Russian Federation at UNESCO

To the Organization Committee and Participants of the 47th World CID UNESCO Congress on Dance Research

(Saint-Petersburg 1-5 of November, 2016)

Paris, 1st of November 2016


It is not by chance that the World International Dance Council of UNESCO takes place in Saint-Petersburg again, in the city that has presented to the world  the Mariinsky Theatre, and the Russian Dancing School, which by the beginning of 20th century had become the best one.

Till nowdays the reminiscence of “Russian Seasons”  and the Serge Diagilev’s troupe  is present in Paris.  The Diagilev troup has tied the hard knot between 2 capitals and has influenced the development of the art of dance itself. The pioner of dance, Vaslav Nijinsky, the founder of modern classical romantic ballet – Mikhail Fokin, the man who laid the foundation of the American ballet – Jorge Balanchin – they all came out from Diagilev’s “Seasons”. The names of all his ballerinas had become a legend. Anna Pavlova was given a name of “the soule of Dance”. The routes  she passed through in tours united all the continents, these ways were paths which the Russian culture used to come into the life of multiple nations and countries.

It is symbolically that Saint-Petersburg has become a gathering place for the professional research society, dance teachers and performers. The World Congress gave a great opportunity for a dialog and collaboration of dance researchers and representatives of the world dance culture and dance-therapy.

It’s hard to overappreciate the meaning of this research-to-practice conference for accomplishing such high priority UNESCO tasks as world and national heritage preservation, encouragement of different kinds and forms of  the cultural expression, strengthening of inter-ethic ties between the peoples, peacekeeping, preserving of humanity.

As it was noticed once by Jean Baptist Molier –  All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill at dancing.

I want to present all of you who are tied with   the elite art of dance and who cure the world with this “world-saving skill”.

I congratulate all the participants of the 47th  World Congress on Dance Research in Choreography and Art-Therapy Fields and wish you good fruitful work and the great success!

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,  Permanent Delegate of the Russian Federation to UNESCO


Greeting by the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO



Greetings by President of the Herzen University,  Academician of Russian Academy of Education Mr. Gennady A. BORDOVSKY

Greeting by  President of the Herzen University